As part of Min | Day's installation in Kaneko's Truck-A-Tecture show, Soft Stones is used to convey the flexibility inherent in mobile architecture. Truck-A-Tecture is on exhibit at Kaneko in Omaha, Nebraska from June 27-August 23, 2014 and features new proposals from notable architecture firms which examine architecture as redefined by mobility and technical expansion.

Min | Day's installation, PNEUMAD is a combination of PNEUmatic (air-inflatable) architecture with a noMADic ethos. The PNEUMAD enacts a form of anti-heroic desire to escape permanence, solidity and place-bound dwelling. Recalling the revolutionary-experimental fervor of 1968, but with 21st-century technical sophistication, PNEUMAD is prototype for nomads who want to spread out. The inflatable offers one distinct advantage - it is not limited by the dimensions and volume of the vehicle itself. A very compact trailer can let loose and relax. Complementing the mobile structure, PNEUMAD has no interior plan, no fixed infrastructure - everything moves. MOD’s Soft Stones allow the nomad to resist fixity inside as well as out.